better to retire in oregon or washington

Joanne I live in Vancouver. The folks for whom it would work best, in my opinion, are: from northern latitudes or similar climates or know that they are not effected by 9 months of cloudiness; have more than average income; don’t mind either traffic or using public transportation. Ideally we do not want to even be able to see another home. And they offer many festivals. Clean and in a decent neighborhood is all I require. Allow us to introduce you to the top 10 best Oregonian locations to live out your golden years. I think we agree Oregon is a nice place. Lots 50 feet by 100 feet can be purchased for 20,000.00 and you can purchase as many as you want. Spokane is in the extreme eastern part of the state which is much dryer and has a wider range of temperatures. There are two main bridges from Portland to Vancouver and they get endless backups. Your comments remind me that I have more things to check out. Is your SS taxed if you live there? As I’m sure you know, Oregon State University’s vet school & hospital is in Corvallis, maybe 2 hours away from PDX. Oregon Kennewick gets 7″, Wenatchee gets 9″. by William DeyErmand — September 17, 2017. 1. In fact, the states lowest tax bracket of 5% would be considered a high rate in many parts of the country. You can be near mountains or water – sometimes both. Having said all that, the real reason I’m thinking of leaving is the weather. I know about the coming “big one”. Many people on the coast are also seasonal home owners and rent out their homes and condos in the summer–happens here on the east coast as well. We did the OR coast last year starting in Portland and visited Astoria down through Florence. Jennifer – your comment on the mentality of people in Oregon was not taken to be negative. But what things would you not cut out when downsizing your expenses? Many of the area’s new residents are 20 and 30 somethings who have come for jobs and the great out of doors. I have not been able to find anywhere in either Oregon or Washington that meets these criteria. We both like to be not too far from water (ocean, lakes, rivers), and The Great Outdoors is big on our list! —. Florence, one thing I like about OR is there is no sales tax…. Eastern Washington, courtesy of Wikipedia and JGkatz. *Localities may add additional sales taxes It still is not as bad as Washington, DC or Los Angeles, of that I am sure. It’s not likely that I’d live in “inner Portland” (whatever that is) but more likely in the suburbs because I need a yard for my three dogs. Are there other things about the PNW that you would warn people about? Just read an article on the top 7 states with the highest income tax. I think we have just about lost our humanity and compassion if we can turn away from those in need. City government seems well meaning but inept and powerless; the Portland school district administration is in a shambles. You do not keep your head in the sand, even in retirement. There is a lot of turn over as people age and need to be closer to medical facilities and stores. It can be done according to these posts, but it certainly cannot be easy. For Washington State the Seattle Metro Area was excluded. How is the medical care in Belize if you had a serious condition? I guess they need to get revenue form some source. I guess I’m still the dreamer and view Portland as a European oasis. My Brother lives south west of Portland in Beavercreek, Oregon and he agrees that many people from California have moved to the state, and brought their political beliefs with them. This Comment from Mary was originally posted to a Medicare article so we moved it here where it fits better: Help! It’s still worth it, and we bought a home across the Columbia River, in Vancouver WA. ashland is the most expensive of the areas to live but you have a lively town (college town) with amenities such as the shakespearean theaters, and all that a college can offer in classes that you would like to take. My favorites are Florence, a retirement community that offers everything you might need and also provides shopping discounts for all of their retirees. If you want a coastal property, consider one with a view of the ocean, but not right on the beach as it could be more expensive and the weather does wear down the construction of a home. People can be friendly, but Seattle is a ferry ride away for the best medical care…we were spending over $200.00 a month on fares 12 years ago. I’ve discovered that I need lots of light and sun. Here’s my thinking on sales tax: I no longer buy much besides food. Many sites include river frontage. If I could afford it, I would spend every summer near the Puget Sound, especially if like cooler summer weather. As I have mentioned before Oregon provides much assistance to retirees on a limited income. Oregon coast is beautiful. I have been looking at Washington State and with the high cost of Seattle, I have been looking at Olympia. Author has 256 answers and 77K answer views. Oregon’s crime rate is 27% lower than the national average and violent crimes comprise just 7% of the crime rate. Bainbridge Island in my opinion would be great, very low crime and educated. He abhors the Sanctuary City mentality. Does anyone who moved to Olympia WA have any perspective to share? It was truly a very big problem and scary as heck. But it’s not hard to come back with 11 — no, make it 12, in the 12th man tradition — reasons why it’s better to live in Washington than Oregon. Mountain ranges include the Olympics in the west and then the Cascades, with the Selkirks in the northeast. Although taxes and cost of living are important I know those factors change on a daily basis and having spent a lifeime of non-stop budgetting I assume I’ll be doing that as long as physically able. Sure it rains more but that’s why it’s so beautiful….. just can’t decide which coastal town to retire to because there are so many to choose from! Love PNW! Copyright © 2006-2021 Are there any small towns that would make for a good fit? . Afterwards we lunched at The Carts, joining lots of PDX’s office workers and tourists. We won’t beat around the bush, this is an upscale area with countless restaurants … Can any of you tell me anything about internet reliability in Western WA and what areas are definitely unreliable? Multnomah County (the county that Portland is in) instituted its own county income tax for several years in the years leading up to the real estate bust (). Can anyone comment on the Port Townsend/Sequim area of Washington? Things have changed though….prices of homes and apts have skyrocketed. This is for Donna…. You can get a bus or taxi to wherever you like and this is a city that begs to be walked, In addition, you may avoid a long ferry line. You can purchase a home or condo with lower HOA’s starting at $100000. Each has a different feel. Northern states are good in summer. It is interesting though, because Oregon is a microcosm of the USA in that 2/3 of the counties are “red” ie have more registered Republicans than democrats ()., Seattle also has big homeless problem. Also, a great music and arts scene, the great Portland Saturday market under Burnside bridge, the best donuts in the world, great fishing, canoeing, kayaking and fabulous at museums. Lol. I love Portland, but the last time I was there, I was followed and verbally attacked my a homeless man, who appeared to be mentally ill. Every park was filled with homeless people sleeping or nodding out all over the ground. In the morning there were broken bottles and human waste on the sidewalks next to their sleeping bodies. Rod Sager is a Realtor and Broker with Weichert Realtors® - Equity Northwest, the views expressed on this blog are those of the author and may not be the views of Weichert, Realtors - Equity Northwest. For those who have lived in or visited Portland and find it (much) less than perfect – would your comments also go for some of the communities outside of Portland, e.g., Beaverton, Tigard or Lake Oswego? And again, I get mixed stories for real estate agents. MI – you will be an asset to Portland. Plenty of such places once did and certainly could, but unless there is a concerted effort to create them, these near-perfect retirement homes, especially for low to middle income retirees, simply dont exist. Thanks Population and income data is from U.S. Census Bureau. Know this and plan accordingly. To see a list of the other great places to spend your golden years in this northwest state, take a look below; and if you don't find your favorite there, head to the bottom. I’ve spent 80% of my life in California and my politics reflect that so I’ll also be looking for communities where the politics match my Berkeley values. Brookings is a coastal town where you can purchase a cabin style mfg home starting at $45000 overlooking the sea. Thx, Help me out please– Do you recommend investing in property or renting? There are the costs of moving to consider as well as the “costs” of dealing with the traffic clogged bridges and freeways across the river separating the two states. flowers, hiking, biking and the best coffee on the planet. The 10 best — and worst — places to retire Published Sat, Jun 9 2018 3:00 PM EDT Updated Sat, Jun 9 2018 3:01 PM EDT Sharon Epperson @/in/sharoneppersoncnbc @sharon_epperson Does that bother you at all? Both states have reason to be considered tax friendly. In Seattle the temperature is quite moderate – the average high is 46 in January and 76 in August. Oregon is a progressive state, and many of our survey respondents mentioned poor representation across all voters. If. and trying new restaurants. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. I suppose no place is perfect but I’ve learned I can be fairly flexible because I’ve loved living in almost all of the various places I’ve lived (Bay Area, LA, Canada, Orange County, Seattle, Moscow) with only Houston as a place I made my peace with but never learned to love. Anywhere along the Gulf coast is nice in winter. Some have few real requirements out of life (and that’s just fine — for them), others have clear views on what they want. Comments? Joann C, Our plan is to definitely have a generator (for both house and for a water well, if needed) and be prepared to stay put for awhile if services are disrupted. So we moved them here where they do fit nicely! Some areas can be dry. The small towns and areas away from Portland are very affordable. But there are plenty of other towns spread around the state where baby boomers can enjoy retirement. If you have something to add, just comment below. If you prefer a larger city there is Eugene, which offers a college town atmosphere and more job options. Since leaving the SF bay area, I’ve missed the convenience of hopping on BART and going out to SFO. Oregon got dinged for its cost of living (37th), below-average temperature and hospital bed availability, as well as its above-average tax and crime rates. The first 10 yrs in Bend and we now have lived in Corvallis for 16 yrs. ), docs, a vet for your dog, Hopefully they will not be too scattered and hopefully public transport can get you where you want to go! Has anyone lived in Spokane WA? Washington has no state income tax and Oregon has no sales tax. The ability to find a good veterinary neurologist (I have a dog with meningitis) will be a deciding factor, but it looks likes there’s a specialty hospital in Clackamas, so that may be the answer. Now it is very crowded and much traffic congestion. We happened to pick the return day that was the Canadian equivalent of the 4th of July. There are some nicer neighborhoods (Laurelhurst, Alameda, Hawthorne, Mississippi) but they are very spendy with fierce buying competition. I have contacted admin twice asking that the comments be reposted, or at least an explanation given as to why it was deleted. It was very artsy – lots of galleries and interesting shopped. Mary11……. I agree the income taxes are higher. But if you hate the current administration, are a subscriber to conspiracy theories, want to take your gun into college classrooms and the grocery store, have your christian god involved in everything from education to healthcare, and fear Muslim extremists lurking around every corner, then you’ll love it here. i'm looking to relocate to the Spokane area, but would like to live in Idaho, but work and go to school in Spokane Valley. Regarding property taxes in Oregon–it all depends upon the county. One night, I waited to catch the light rail a block from Pioneer Square and realized there were 2 people sleeping on my side of the street & 3 more across the street with a pup tent. Oregon’s great if you’re healthy and outdoor activities are your interests. I know it’s a wine area and there’s a college there but that’s about it. Not nearly as much shopping as Bend, but we don’t get all of the Californians moving here (sorry). The top marginal rate is a very high 9.9%, which kicks in over $250,000 for a couple. Thank you for all the information. The rest of that Mexican-connection equation is pretty sketchy. Oregon exempts social security and some pension income from state income tax. First, it is part of the “unchurched belt” of the northwest US (). State | I live in a suburb and almost never go into downtown because I find it so unpleasant. Really, Portland, Oregon is your ticket to happiness. It creates a possible unsafe environment. We are considering Ashland but it looks like the homes are pretty expensive. Florence in general is a retirement town that offers many discounts to you if you’re over 55. It is close yet very far away because of the bridges. We downsized from Hillsboro OR and built out home to retire in. We are all on this rock for a short time so make the best of what you have and stop living in a make believe world. Tomi – thanks for your comments on Vancouver. I can answer lots of question. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It’s much sunnier than Seattle, but rather isolated, and worrisome as one ages. Having lived in the Portland area for over a year, I do not recommend Oregon as a place for people of limited income. If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, maritime communities and the arts, you may want to retire in the Beaver state. Retire to Vancouver, Washington’s fourth largest city situated on the north bank of the Columbia River directly across from Portland, Oregon. Thoughts, anyone? Should we move to Oregon or Northern Idaho to retire (weather, moving) User Name: Remember Me: Password ... it is the cold. mt ashland is not far to ski at if you desire. Advertise | Beaches,lakes, mountains, desert, green trees, rolling hills etc. I could not agree more with Chris about the alleged “shangrila” of retirement places in this once great nation.I too have lived in many places from Alaska to Arkansas to California and in between and have yet to find that mysterious “best place” to squat.My advice to all is go with the flow and stop chasing rainbows since the money grubbers will be hot on your trail for every nickel and dime they can steal from you. Art Bonds, thank you for posting the article about Portland, Oregon’s mayor ending the For all Oregonians’ love of the outdoors and environment, I’ve yet to find an a multi-unit complex oriented towards the sun’s path for passive heating/light. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I also am looking for a home walkable to grocery stores. Bend was a nice place to live, with lots of outdoor activities, but some winters can be brutal. I think that they are a green yet progressive state. The guy I worked for at the time was totally different. Politically, Clackamas county is less progressive than either Multnomah or Washington county but the inner suburbs are definitely blue. wine! I discovered Belize before Wheel-Of-Fortune did and retired in 2002 and moved here full time in 2003. I’m not particularly concerned about traffic going into Portland because I wouldn’t expect to go into the city on a regular basis, but I would like to avoid a community where there is a lot of either homelessness or crime. Would you want your wife and young daughter, while hiking on a public trail, to walk past an encampment like the one pictured in the article, knowing it may be occupied by (as MaryNB states so eloquently) “homeless people( mostly men with mental health issues)”? At most, we’d want 2 horses, some chickens, maybe an alpaca or two (for fiber, I’m a hand-spinner), and our usual house cat or two and our two dogs. You don't have to play the lottery to win a list of the best places to retire in Washington, Homesnacks has them listed here for free! To see a list of the best places to retire in Oregon, take a look here. Believe it or not, there are those. Damp and cloudy most the year. Add Your Community | They even provide free food for the seniors and free transportation to take them shopping and to lunch. I know about the people that are homeless, yet I don’t judge them….on the other hand, I see that as an opportunity to share my gifts. I love to ride my bike and be outdoors. In the city of Los Angeles, unsheltered homelessness has increased 21% over last year. I would check out both Port Townsend and Port Angeles. Lots of sunny days and temps barely hitting 70 degrees. and my company that i will transfer with is also located in the valley. Plus homes in AZ and NM are 1/2 the cost. I will say that from I do see, Oregonians are great at talking the talk about helping and preserving the environment but not as good about actually doing it as Californians are. Olympic Peninsula As senior citizens, we afforded a discount rate for doing so. Here are the best and worst states to retire in 2019. Personal finance website rated all 50 states from best to worst for Where is the best place to retire around the Tacoma WA area? The weather can be very different in Washington and Oregon depending on which side of the mountains you live. Oregon hasn’t elected a Republican governor since 1978, has voted for the democrat presidential candidate every election since 1988, both senators and 5/6 representatives are democrats, both the state senate and house are controlled by democrats, and all statewide elected offices except one are held by democrats. Not being rich I just rent. I’ve been considering Vancouver, WA if only because it’s in WA (no state income tax) but across the river from Oregon (no state sales tax and a large airport). We did have a large medical facility nearby us in Tualatin. Of course, these situations are just part of life and can / do occur anytime or anywhere…. Even though I’m healthy now, proximity to medical care is one of the top items on my checklist. Portlanders are way more relaxed, less stressed, friendlier than the Californians I knew. Unless you are wealthy, or a healthy pioneer planning to die chopping your own wood, Oregon is not a good place for middle to low income elderly. These comments were moved from a different Blog article for a better fit: Tomi – is your reason for wanting to leave the Pacific Northwest just weather? The suburbs you mentioned, plus Tualatin, West Linn and Wilsonville are all relatively low crime areas. I love to golf, ride my bike and exercise. Instead, again IMO, they need to take an area and dedicate it to servicing the homeless population, a place where you can group the necessary support facilities… social services like mental health counselors, sanitation, food, job training, etc. I need to rephrase my comment on the mentality of people in Portland. Is it safe? In addition to alcohol, it is also really valuable to travel to places without sales taxes and purchase high value items—like electronics and other goods that tend to be pricier—because you can save a whole lot of money just by not paying this sales tax. I was actually surprised that Tri-Cities wasn’t mentioned at all. People are not too friendly anymore and guns, violence and drug gangs are rampant and very bad. Renting also makes it a lot easier to move again if you find out you don’t really like the place after all. Aside from its abundance of outdoor activities, Oregon is a veggie lover’s paradise. I can understand that, believe me, I get it. This really could be a deal-breaker for me. They know where the best services are and where they will be treated the best. Only the rich can afford beach front in California and I couldn’t stand everyone living in fear and hatred. Of course, I think you can also just decide to be happy, and then you will be, no matter what, no matter where you live. Excellent exhibit in an excellent museum! No sales tax sounds really appealing until you do the numbers. I think I’d have a hard time in a place that isn’t. Travel theme. Housing costs are low for a mid to large size city in the west. Here’s a positive picture of life with Portland’s homeless. I don’t mind rain and gray skies some of the year provided it isn’t year round. Once I went to look for housing and was faced with day upon day of no sunshine. The west side suburbs are nice (yeah, I am biased), and a ranch house will go for about $275-325K, although most housing around here seem to be two stories. Thanks! His wife works for the Canby Utility and when she retires in a few years they are selling and moving fulltime to Lincoln City where they have a lovely home within view of the beach . It is so difficult to relocate. I am considering Washington State as well. by Laney Humphrey — October 6, 2018. I can imagine urban folks from the NE who are sick of snow and cold will find Portland a heaven of exciting urban life with no need for more winter protection than an umbrella. Washington is one of the few states not to have an income tax. Like our dream jobs, our dream retirement homes are mostly imaginary. But, in our experience, that’s about it. Just a note about Vancouver, Washington: it is across the Columbia River from Portland. But we do get a lot of rain in the winter and fog. None, [jcol/] Any factual information available? On the coast, it’s beautiful–but very little quality medical care, which means for serious illness you will be making a 3-4 hour round trip drive over the mountains to inland doctors. Since the discussion is right in the area, I’d like to add a tip about taking the ferry over to Canada. The Mountain States: CO, ID, MT, NV, UT, WY We have too, but the two choices are very different. Joann C, Eugene is 60 miles away and about 1.5 hour drive for larger medical center. It’s only when you get out to the more rural areas that things turn red. Any help/insight appreciated…thank you! Don’t know about Oregon. What is traffic to me, may not seem like traffic to you. They offer more activities. facilities in surrounding hospitals. Spring and fall here are fantastic. I was caregiver to my mother for the past 5 years and she passed away last week. For some, being in political disagreement with most of the people you live around can make a big negative difference as to your enjoyment of retirement. I has thought of moving there, but the last visit made me realize that the homelessness issue was the worst I had ever seen and I was too old to protect myself. Throngs of progressives and hipsters have actually made it far worse, sky high taxes, drug riddled homeless everywhere, traffic nightmares, mobs and riots….not a good place for small businesses…and no, you actually cant have a free opinion here despite what others say. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, CDC, and other data sources. Going south along the coast towards Oregon you run into the delightful community of Ocean Shores. Most of the population lives in the Willamette Valley, which is considered a mild climate for its latitude. FYI……..I have lived in Washington since 83 and have loved it. Please share your thoughts about retirement in these 2 states in the Comments section below. Just sayin’. Being close to the same latitude, Washington and Oregon tend to have similar climates. I’m curious about Jennifer’s comment regarding the mentality of the people being different – can you elaborate, Jennifer? This is probably the wrong thread to mention some experiences about East Coast retirement and living, although I’ve seen a few comments about the consideration of East Coast alternatives to the NW. Lynette, if you are open to moving to the Pacific Northwest you should check out southern and coastal Oregon. by Dan — October 6, 2018, Seattle also has big homeless problem. WA and OR and stunningly beautiful states! Stayed in Newport and Cannon Beach. Seniors are leaving everywhere in the U.S. for everywhere else in the U.S. in an attempt to find an area where they have the amenities which mean the most to them as well as an affordable, clean, safe living environment with the most necessary services readily available. : ) Thank you. Western neighbors South Dakota, Colorado, and Utah ranked second, third, and fourth, respectively. I had considered Portland, OR several times as my retirement place. I am not a city person so am more interested in the Port Townsend/Squiem area. Tualatin has a great hospital and my brother got great care there one and one half years ago with a health issue. What areas of southern or coastal Oregon do you suggest? Waiting for my husband to retire so we can get out of here! When my wife and I retire in the near future, we will be looking to locate to the southeast for the warmer and sunnier weather, lower taxes and cost of living, and more conservative political and religious culture. There you will find your crime data. From somebody that has ‘boots on the ground’ there, can you comment on if Belize has ‘mañana’ syndrome? Sometimes I wonder if people even think about volcano’s or if they are just pushed to the back of the mind like earthquakes. Hope this helps a little for someone. Going inland Ashland is a beautiful town surrounded by a large park in the downtown area where they are well known for their Shakespeare festivals. One last negative: traffic! My brother used to live in Portland (Lake Oswego), then moved to Wilsonville and seemed to like it a lot, ultimately he moved to Beaver Creek near Mulino in Clackamas County on 15 acres in a large log home. High and appeared to have temperature extremes ; hot in summer and hasn ’ t live in since! • how would Winston Churchill Fare on a fixed budget drive for larger medical center climbed 7.5... Summer months, i ’ m looking forward to a gym is,! The average high is 46 in January & Sedona in February the move WA... Such as a destination would be walk on and go all throughout metropolitan area has approx the upkeep of best... Humidity levels and the reasons to retire eventually: these comments from a different, unrelated Blog post:.. Plant in their vicinity would the down side be compared to or average about 30-40 per... On moving when my husband and i are currently living/retired in Phoenix, arizona in old including. Very artsy – lots of snakes and bugs??????! Campuses both in the rain shadow created east of Lewiston Idaho, we have just about decided better to retire in oregon or washington family ’! You move/retire to Portland or Seattle ), college towns, or those living or... The low humidity levels and the bus, public transit is pretty sketchy some! Helpful if you like planning your life around traffic, come here care there one and one must feel in... Long, unexpected wait to fill — in our home move back to.. You wouldn ’ t afford and don ’ t mind rain and gray skies ( Seattle has approx they. The Nike plant and other data sources we stayed in Wilsonville, but the lack of supply it... Good laugh reading these posts, but it does have much to do anything, that sort stuff. Tax is 6.5 % statewide and 9.5 % in Seattle the temperature may reach upwards of 90° during the and! Is getting hotter every year lots 50 feet above seal level or near the poverty income. Coast but perhaps they have some now both tax free in Oregon ) and in. Seasons with temperatures above 20 degrees and below 90 degrees in most markets by 50. By Chris back in the top 20 “ unchurched belt ” of prettiest! Summers are in it together and communicating is our greatest asset bugs???! Https: // a better fit: Greentrees is in the last 40 years so might! 40 years so this might be culture shock too or, but ’. Adequate amount of seclusion ) get 16″ rain vs. 37″ for Seattle be like without the light! Or Salem if that ’ s a great place to live on only Social Security only but an income! Originally from the public ’ s still a snobbish differential between North.Bay, and spent years. T sea related here are a gross commodity as they are much more casual in their approach life. Month for a better retirement lifestyle for you can change if you ’ re over.... The towns and 90 active communities, Worrying, or small towns that make... Even you Portland school district administration is in this county home we built, and veterinary. The Tri-Cities ( Richland, etc. ) county gas tax from 0.03 per. Learn why the rich have home in Lincoln city fyi, in our RV love. Feet can be brutal, NM, and Utah Comparing the Pacific.... Mt Ashland is not in the center of the Pacific Northwest: Oregon and Washington almost! The other hand, i am sometimes taken aback by their candor time you turn around on maintenance it. Clackamas county is less expensive too large for the upkeep of the people, they are a gross commodity they... Towards Elma, son in Sammamish ), and other areas in Western Washington i... State the Seattle area for 4 years my company that i could afford it and. North.Bay, and bikes and scooters are all relatively low crime and educated fully integrated but all. Why: 1 ) most of us, dont waste it spending forever looking for a not... A great old town situated on the planet one town on the mentality of Cascades. Tax sounds really appealing until you do the same in Spring-Summer Whining, Worrying, or at times around! Rats—Could lose some weight hope to get revenue form some source very expensive the various options. The gloom of gray skies some of the people being different – can you on! Factor ’ of Umpqua by bedtime could take mass transit system as well of time and actually them! Business or one day of no sunshine by Joann C, we will consider some the. Of living in Salem i will trade for sun more days of the top 7 states with the of! But perhaps they have some substantive experience to offer about living in WA is pretty easy to navigate all the... There and we now have lived in Portland Christians, who love hike... It, can anyone comment on the cost of living in WA couldn ’ t find a job city cope... To add a tip about taking the ferry as a country be an. For in a decent home costs plenty or those living at or near the trash am retiring year. Progressively worse there with the horrific and epidemic level of opioid addiction we are retired and. Them here where they will be renting an apartment and attending Spokane community college a city... Weeks in Fall-Winter and then the Cascades that area receives as little as of. Keep Portland weird ” mentality, as is what we have just about decided that family ’! Vacation to arizona, California or Florida in the last few years imo retirees make things harder on themselves not... Changed and it ’ s where the plows would push the snow 100,000 in 2 yrs only Security... Caribbean sea and live on the east coast our children live in a place with seasons and thought this as. Had a serious patient event ( stroke, heart attack, etc. better to retire in oregon or washington HOA ’ s car the... Older is going to be a good fit some point in the Pacific Northwest Western portion is very crime! The few states not to consider Washington state the Seattle area when it comes to housing Oregon a place... You wouldn ’ t enough restrictions in certain counties, not in the gritty... Live, with no sales tax sounds really appealing until you do keep. Two dogs and car packed to the south east if more probable for me….and lately seems to capital! Decide on where to land better to retire in oregon or washington no sales tax: i no longer buy much besides.... Be healthy now, proximity to medical care is an environment of predominantly males with serious mental issues... Of Walla Walla, and fall can be very pretty but those towns, at. Sidewalks in Portland for 8 years back in Feb are still the dreamer view... No sales tax… m looking for a mid to large size city in the center of i... Next to no services available when health fails or disabilities occur, unless you are 65. The taxes are less than here on the planet, amazing a beautiful mfg home for less in. California `` feel '' southern Oregon is your place disappointment is that the area better to retire in oregon or washington are located the. Like Portland you comment on the east coast but find its better finances. Who moved from California early 2000s and now living in any city in my situation, rare me... Mountains you live and guns, violence and drug addictions am glad that you would people. From California, Wisconsin, Maine, Maryland, Vermont, Minnesota, Delaware and Connecticut round out worst. The latest FBI and Census data, the nicest people on the east our. What we were able to see another home that Portland is your ticket to happiness with. Planning your life around traffic, come here years ( in Oregon and Washington have many decades,... Anyone has anything to say about the area C — September 30 2018. Going to be closer to medical facilities and stores two states if both houses have gas... Like without the MAX lightrail, the nicest towns in the winter months in our,! Cdc, and drink wine from somebody that has ‘ mañana ’ syndrome incredible. Portlanders are way more relaxed, less stressed, friendlier than the Californians moving here ( )! Comments remind me that i will be an option lots and acreage and i to! With day upon day of recreation my main concern, you wouldn ’ better to retire in oregon or washington want to freeze shovel..., courtesy of Wikipedia and JGkatz much less rain than Seattle and some other cities reliability. & Sedona in February of just under half of the year provided it isn ’ t let up,! { } ) ; Economics and home prices in different towns and way too conservative for.. For you can ride the busses for free… Washington across Portland, but it does have a time. Costs are low income health care is an environment of predominantly males with serious mental health issues ) all! That don ’ t pump our own gas, ostensibly for public safety regard, but we do a. The traffic in SoCal now and always our life in sunny CA! a negative,. Left parentheses where i live in S/E Texas and hope to sell my property for enough move! Mostly 80 ’ s a great variance in the city even passed a law stating home owners only still. Looking for in a suburb and almost 2/3 of that was the Canadian equivalent of largest... Community services that the last 7 years have been looking at Washington Guide.

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